Blogging A-Z Challenge: The Complete Bookbag List – with Genres!

Starting April 6th, find links to the posts here. I’ll update it every few days. The original theme reveal post follows the links.

A is for Atlanta Burns (YA mystery)

B is for Blamed (Thriller)

C is for Crow Vector (Pandemic/suspense)

D is for 100 Days of Solitude (Memoir)

E is for Eat, Pray, Love (Memoir)

F is for The Four Agreements (Self-help)

G is for The Gospel According to Satan (Religious suspense)

H is for His Majesty’s Dragon (Historical urban fantasy)

I is for In the Context of Love (Women’s fiction)

J is for Jennifer Murdley’s Toad (Middle grade urban fantasy)

K is for The King of Torts (Legal thriller)

L is for The Lunar Chronicles (Cinder) (Urban fantasy)

M is for Monsters & Angels (Urban fantasy)

N is for Necromancer Awakening (Fantasy)

O is for Only Wrong Once (Suspense/Thriller)

P is for Poggibonsi (Romantic comedy)

Q is for Quiet (Self-help/psychology)

R is for Reason to Breathe (YA romance/suspense)

S is for Savvy Stories (Memoir/humor)

T is for This Present Darkness (Religious suspense)

U is for Union (YA paranormal suspense)

V is for The Vampire Lestat (Urban fantasy)

W is for Wretched Writing (Humor/writing strategy)

X is for Extracted (Time travel/suspense)

Y is for Yesterday’s Thief (Paranormal mystery)

Z is for Zoo City (Urban fantasy/mystery)

Another April is knocking on the door, and for many bloggers, that means another stab at the blogging a-z challenge. 

I wasn’t going to participate this year, until yesterday, when I decided I would.


Last year I wrote about elements of story. This year, I’m taking off the writer’s hat and putting on the reader’s one to explore the theme I call…

The A-Z Bookbag

Starting with A on April 1, I’ll publish a short-ish review of a book I’ve read. Several will be indie books, as I’ve found gems in the indie world, and more popular books (think Hunger Games or Harry Potter) probably don’t need as much publicity from little old me (though a few bestsellers will be included). Some will be books I read a while ago while a few have been in the last couple of months.

So if you’re looking for new reads, keep an eye out for the posts. I’ll also create a running list with links on this post as we go.

See you at the Bookbag!

6 thoughts on “Blogging A-Z Challenge: The Complete Bookbag List – with Genres!

  1. Reblogged this on Allison Maruska and commented:

    Now that the Bookbag series is complete, I’ve compiled all of the reviews into the original Bookbag post – with genres for easy browsing! Guess I’ll get back to that “book writing” thing I supposedly do. 😏


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  3. I’ve decided I’m going to participate too — my first time! I’ve been checking out people who participated last and collecting my ideas — cursive with dragons (because everything is better with dragons!) will be at Dragon’s Eye View!

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