My Mom + Smartphone = Hilarity!

When my mom used a computer for the first time, she didn’t know what to do with the mouse, so she put it on the keyboard.


If you’re unfamiliar with this meme, he is known as
technologically impaired duck. I’m not saying my mom is the
human version of this, but…wait, yes. That’s exactly what I’m

She’s come a long way since then. She uses the internet. She sends email. A couple years ago, I finally convinced her that facebook isn’t at all terrifying and helped her set up an account. She even used her computer to write a book that is now published.

Today, her marketing rep told her to start tweeting. She wrote about this as her facebook status. This is the exact status.

Talked to my marketing rep yesterday and she very strongly encouraged me to start tweeting. How does one tweet? Not what the tweets should be about but how to get started? Do I just google tweeting? I don’t mean to sound like a twit about tweeting but I need to know how to go about this . . .

Yes, she really did ask if she should “google tweeting”. I don’t know how one would do that, but it sounds naughty.

Later, she commented that she might start using a smartphone. I don’t think my mom has ever sent a text. She has an iPod touch, but only because she won it in a contest. She didn’t even know what it was. This makes me question the justice of the universe.
So since she doesn’t yet have a smartphone, I imagined what an interaction between us about her smartphone might look like.
Her: Did you know you can check the internets on this phone? I can send email! Look at the pretty pictures on the front!
Me: Yeah, mom. Those are icons. You tap those to make your phone do things.
Her: (long pause while she plays with icons). I can play music on this too?? Amazing!
I guess I’d better lay off picking on my mom’s technological challenges, or the technologically impaired duck might turn into an angry bird. I really am proud of her for wanting to conquer all these things. Before you know it, she’ll be asking Siri ridiculous questions just to see what the response is. I’m pretty sure that’s the measure of proficiency in modern technology.

4 thoughts on “My Mom + Smartphone = Hilarity!

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  2. Not so sure making fun of people who aren't smart about smart phones is really that nice:) I recently had to use my mom's smart phone at the airport (because my prepaid minute phone doesn't have internet access). Well really what happened was after about five minutes of watching me fumble through the smart phone and ask really "smart" questions, the ticket agent ended up using my mom's smart phone to access my e-mail and an attachment to prove my child was under 2. This all saved me from buying my little guy a plane ticket or delaying my flight. Why would I pay for or learn how to use something when everyone else around me can do all the work for me? Who's the smart one now:)


  3. Don't laugh, I recently bought a smart phone and I had my grandson Logan teach me how to use it. The funniest thing that I didn't realize is that when someone called me, I didn't know how to answer it. There is a photo of a green phone and a red phone. I touched the green phone many times and nothing happened. I finally figured it out, you have to touch it and swipe your finger to the right of the phone. I was frustrated because I didn't know how to answer it. It wasn't very long ago that I had another cell phone for the first time, it wasn't as complicated as this one. So Jeanie don't feel bad! I don't know how to tweet either. God bless you Eleanor


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