Blogging A-Z Challenge: The Complete Bookbag List – with Genres!

Now that the Bookbag series is complete, I’ve compiled all of the reviews into the original Bookbag post – with genres for easy browsing! Guess I’ll get back to that “book writing” thing I supposedly do. 😏

Allison Maruska

Starting April 6th, find links to the posts here. I’ll update it every few days. The original theme reveal post follows the links.

A is for Atlanta Burns (YA mystery)

B is for Blamed (Thriller)

C is for Crow Vector (Pandemic/suspense)

D is for 100 Days of Solitude (Memoir)

E is for Eat, Pray, Love (Memoir)

F is for The Four Agreements (Self-help)

G is for The Gospel According to Satan (Religious suspense)

H is for His Majesty’s Dragon (Historical urban fantasy)

I is for In the Context of Love (Women’s fiction)

J is for Jennifer Murdley’s Toad (Middle grade urban fantasy)

K is for The King of Torts (Legal thriller)

L is for The Lunar Chronicles (Cinder) (Urban fantasy)

M is for Monsters & Angels (Urban fantasy)

N is for Necromancer Awakening (Fantasy)

O is for Only Wrong Once (Suspense/Thriller)

P is for Poggibonsi (Romantic comedy)

Q is for…

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