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Dreams of Justice: A Paranormal Mystery


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Sonia James has been having nightmares. Some nights, the blade slides neatly between her vertebrae, paralyzing her. Others, it pierces her ribs or punctures a kidney. But no matter the circumstance, the outcome is the same:

She dies an excruciating death.

Determined to end the dreams, Sonia consults a hypnotist who suggests they are visions of a murder that occurred decades ago and an ocean away. With only a week to find answers, Sonia embarks on a journey she might have thought was crazy, if the new voice in her head wasn’t telling her otherwise.

Following unusual leads, she learns that not only are the dreams reflections of a real crime, it’s one she has to solve. If she fails, her nightmares could become reality—again.

Dreams of Justice is a perfectly-executed and enthralling paranormal mystery with a protagonist I truly admired.
– Jenifer Ruff, USA Today Bestselling Author of Pretty Little Girls

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Colleen Chesebro

The Seventh Seed

The Seventh Seed ebook cover

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While researching the cause of beehive demise across the country, scientific prodigy Javier stumbles onto a breakthrough discovery—a virus carried by bugs that insecticides can’t eradicate. It explains a string of human illnesses and deaths, and it means a vaccine is possible. But instead of his achievement being celebrated, his bosses try to murder him.

Bloody and bruised, Javier flees only to collapse in the courtyard of a homeless shelter. Liz, a jaded widow, saves him and agrees to help as the authorities trump up charges against him. Together, they become fugitives, and in searching for a way to develop a vaccine, they discover an intricate chain of secrets that leads to the most powerful entities in the country.

Now, to win freedom for themselves and for millions of others, Javier and Liz must fight an impossible battle against government bodies and corporations that will imprison and kill before letting their secrets out. While winning means relief from decades of manipulation and oppression, losing would result in more deaths than the virus ever threatened—including their own.

“This standalone sequel to The Fourth Descendant is absolutely gripping from the opening words. Fast paced and intense, it is an amazing story ripped from today’s headlines by way of the brilliant imagination of Allison Maruska. If you liked The Fourth Descendant, you will love The Seventh Seed.” 

Dan Alatorre, author of An Angel On Her Shoulder

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Project Ancora


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After suffering great loss, Levin struggles to find his place in a world that would see him as an outcast if it knew the truth of his existence. His purpose lies in keeping his siblings and the other genetically engineered youths safe. So when they start disappearing, he has no choice but to find them – a mission that becomes more urgent when his sister, Rana, is among the kidnapped.

As Rana works with the captives on an escape plan, Levin uses his extraordinary abilities to figure out where they are and who is behind the abductions. What he discovers is more serious than he could have imagined, and it’s up to him to get them back to safety while keeping them hidden from those who are supposed to be protecting them.

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The Nerdy Girl Express

Project Liberatio


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After weeks of hiding from the radical group that plans to turn him and his siblings into an army of genetically engineered supersoldiers, Levin wants nothing more than to get back to his old life. So when he learns they have the opportunity to return home, he jumps at the chance – all they have to do is defeat the very faction that has forced them to take refuge.

Following intense training, Levin’s group pursues the faction, but his focus isn’t solely on the fight. When he sneaks away to visit his girlfriend, he unwittingly reveals himself to the enemy. Now, he must sacrifice his own plans and desires and commit himself to a new mission – or he could lose much more than his freedom.

“Project Liberatio is a fictional treasure that will fully involve the reader. In addition to being a highly entertaining work, it is thought-provoking. This book will appeal to all readers. “
– Tracy Miller, Contributing Writer at The Nerdy Girl Express

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The Nerdy Girl Express

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Project Renovatio


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Levin Davis has it made. At 20, he’s a college graduate with a dream job, a beautiful girlfriend, and a life that can only get better – until he receives a mysterious letter suggesting his long-dead father is alive and hiding an extraordinary secret.

Distraught, Levin meets the letter’s author, who could pass for his twin. The stranger claims to be part of a genetically engineered race designed to survive global catastrophes and rebuild society, and he insists Levin and his sisters are as well.

Despite his disbelief, Levin uncovers not only the bizarre truth of his existence but also Project Renovatio’s ominous purpose – to secure genetic superiority, the new race must live according to harsh demands or risk severe penalties inflicted on their loved ones. If Levin hopes to protect his family and live a free life, he must escape Project Renovatio – or rise above himself to fight them.

“What if scientists take genetic engineering to the next level and start altering the human race? Allison Maruska writes a thrilling YA novel that will grab the attention of her readers and hold it until the end.“ – Lisa Tortorello, author of My Hero, My Ding

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Drake and the Fliers

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Sixteen-year-old Drake can’t understand why the virus spared him. The only survivors he’s seen vandalized his makeshift dwelling, and despite his sister’s dying wish that he connect with others, he spends his days alone – that is, until he develops the ability to shapeshift into a dragon.

While exploring his new abilities, Drake nearly flies into Preston, another shifter. Their chances of survival increase if they team up with others like them, but when their search leads to a group in Las Vegas, they find not everyone is welcoming.

As Drake develops new relationships, Preston endures daily confrontation and eventually takes off on his own. Concerned for his friend’s safety, Drake launches a search and stumbles into a situation stranger than anything he could imagine. Now he must embrace his animalism if he wants to save his humanity.

“Maruska does a stellar job of creating believable characters that are flawed and relatable but also admirable in their determination.” – Allison Gammons, author and blogger for Eclectic Alli

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Colleen Chesebro



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The Fourth Descendant

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When Michelle receives a call from a Richmond historian, she sees the chance for a much-needed adventure. All she has to do is find a century-old key.

Three others – a guitarist, an engineer, and a retiree – receive similar calls. Each family possesses a key to a four-lock safe found buried in a Virginia courthouse, though their connection is as mysterious as the safe itself. Their ancestors should not have interacted, had no apparent reason to bury the safe, and should not have disappeared thereafter.

Bearing their keys, Michelle and the other descendants converge in the courthouse basement and open the safe, revealing the truth about their ancestors – a truth stranger, more deadly, and potentially more world-changing than any of them could have imagined. Now it’s up to them to keep their discovery out of the wrong hands.

“I rarely read a story that I can’t wait to get back to, and this was one. It’s full of drama and suspense. It’s fresh and new, something very much needed, and it’s totally unpredictable.”
– John Darryl Winston, author of IA: Initiate

You can also read TFD in Dutch, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Spanish, German (click here to head to my awesome translator’s page), and Italian.

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    • I’m glad you’re here! 🙂 I plan to eventually leave KDP select and offer the book elsewhere, but they aren’t immediate plans. Having it available on Kindle Unlimited has helped quite a bit with growing my initial readership, so I’m reluctant to give it up just yet.


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