Crazy Crap I Found In My Mom’s House – Volume 2

Welcome to the latest installment of “Crazy Crap I Found In My Mom’s House”. If you missed Volume 1, my mom loves to decorate and has many unique items. Again, this is just a small sampling. Before I begin, though, Mom is making me tell you that many of the things she has are antiques.

Many of my mom’s things are antiques.

Okay, so here we go.

We begin our journey with the moose on the stereo speaker.
He digs the sick beats. 
These are antiques. This is the “retro” video gaming station,
complete with Really Old TV. For anyone keeping track,
that really is an original Atari 2600. It still works.
Know what this wall needs? A sign with unnecessary
This is a small bunny in a small chair. That
thing on the left is a bottom door hinge.

The bunny in a chair made me start noticing the great multitude of bears all over the place. I now bring you…the Bear Exhibition.

Bear holding a flower.
Small bears on a small shelf.
Bear dressed as a flower.

Bear on a high chair.

Bear seated on a roll of toilet paper.
Grumpy bear on a hutch.
Bear on a piano.
Bear in a rocking chair.
Bear on an antique telephone table.
A trio of bears on the night stand.
A trio on the guest bed.
Bears and a creepy doll in the stereo cabinet.
Bear in a standard chair.
Bears in a swing hanging from the closet door.
Bears as a dining room centerpiece.
Another tiny bear on a shelf.
A small bear in a small swing.
Bear on a windowsill. 
Bears near the windowsill.
Tiny bear in a tiny chair.
This appears to be a bear picnicking with a rabbit.

Those are all the bears I found just walking around, but I’m sure there are several more lurking in less-obvious places. It’s like this is where the Teddy Bear’s Picnic occurs.

My mom told me that if I keep writing posts about her, I have to start plugging her books in my posts, which I will gladly do. Click on the picture to link to her website. She writes children’s books which she calls the Hey Warrior Kids! series. The picture is the cover of her second book, which teaches kids about facing their fears with God’s Truth.

So there you have it. There’s lots more stuff in Mom’s house, so there may be a Volume 3 at some point.

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