Crazy Crap I Found In My Mom’s House

My mom loves to decorate. As part of this hobby, she has many shelves stocked with all manner of interesting items. My grandpa says her house reminds him of a Cracker Barrel. I’m reminded of the episode of The Simpsons where Moe opened a family restaurant.

“If you like good food, good fun, and lots of crazy crap on the wall, come to Moe’s Family Feed Bag!”

Here’s a small sampling of the things she has around the house.

This appears to be a ketchup container from Willy
Wonka’s chocolate factory.
Guess where these dolls are.
If you said “on top of the fridge”, you would be correct.
No house is complete without a Star Trek salt and pepper
There’s a horn! On the wall!
Is it a clock? Is it a teapot? Who can tell?
This pot was always prime for finding
Easter eggs.
This is a clay pot I made in third grade.
Be jealous.

There are way more items around. If I feel like it, you may see more later. Looking for something specific? Ask in the comments! There’s a good chance she has it!

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