My Cat Is A Window Licker

This is Daisy, the window licker.

Anyone who owns animals can tell you that they have their own little personalities. Some are playful. Others are grouchy. Others are, well…

One of my cats, Daisy, like to lick windows. This is part of her morning ritual. I used to think she liked to do it when there was condensation, but she even does it on non-condensation mornings. So maybe she likes that it’s cold. Or maybe she’s just a furry little weirdo. I would label her personality as The Strange.

This is Lily listening to a story.

The window-licker’s sister, Lily, is the playful one. I would label her personality as The Sprite. She chases strings and hair ties all day long. She’s adorable because she never really lost her kitten face. One of her favorite activities is to jump on my sons’ beds when it’s time for bedtime stories. Sometimes she wants to be pet, but mostly she just likes to sit and listen. We can count on her visiting every night.

This is Tika sitting on a pillow, which is on my lap.
She is the queen.

I wrote a whole separate post about our third cat, Tika. It would be more accurate to say she was our first cat, because I got her ten years before the other two. I would label her personality as The Queen. She rules, or at least she thinks she does. I’m seriously considering getting a squirt gun to keep on my night stand so I can squirt her ass when she meows and wakes me up at 6:30 on Saturdays for no reason. Well, I guess she has a reason. She wants me out of the bed so she can take my spot.

I can’t write a post about animal personalities without mentioning my mom’s beagle, Abbey. She doesn’t even know she’s a dog. She gets on the bed, even though my mom swears that she’s “not supposed to”. I would label Abbey’s personality as The Thief. Notice the dog shaming picture at right. I took this after she made my 4-year-old cry after she stole his lunch right out of his hand. Look at her. This is shaming in practice only. There’s no remorse on that beagle face. What a booger.

I’m out of animals to label, but I challenge you to label the personalities of your own animals. Try doing it in two words, so it sounds a bit like a superhero name. Then you can say their new label and sing heroic theme music while they look at you funny. At least this has been my experience.

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