Where Do Your Travel Dreams Take You?

I randomly pulled three cards from that journal prompt deck and got these options for today’s post:


Making time for things is about priorities (it’s not that I don’t have time to learn how to rebuild an engine, I just prefer not to learn that), and writing out what people don’t understand about me would probably be long and frightening (liking the smell of diesel exhaust because of memories is weird, tbh). So that left what I think is the most fun choice.


Let’s all pretend money isn’t an object here. Pretend you won a trip (or two or three) and get to pick where to go.

Before I get to my answer, I want to mention a trip my family took two summers ago to Washington D.C. I loved that trip. I loved taking in the city while we walked from one Smithsonian museum to the next. I loved photographing the landmarks as if no one else had seen them. I even enjoyed riding the Metro, God help me.

But what I think solidified this trip as a favorite was seeing all the history.

GW box

That box in particular blew my mind. I mean, George Washington actually touched it with his own hands and used it to store documents that likely helped form our country. And of course, this is just one example of history on display at the Smithsonian. Another was a computer model my grandpa actually had and I used growing up, but we’ll gloss over that so I don’t go gray in the course of writing this.

So considering how much I loved the history that D.C. had to offer, my travel dreams take me to places with lots of it, probably starting in England since I’m writing a book that is largely set there. Google maps and my British friends have been great helps, but I would love to see it in person.


This pic and all that follow are from Pixabay, since I haven’t been to any of these places. I didn’t even have a passport until three years ago.

From England it would only make sense to jump over to the rest of Europe and North Africa. I don’t know much about historic Spain but it would be a good chance to practice what I’ve learned in my Spanish lessons.


Of course, Paris is a historical must-see.


I’d make stops in Germany, Italy, and Prague (if only to explore my husband’s family history), working my way backwards through time, ending in Greece and Cairo.



And after this trip, I may just have to see what historic Mexico, Central America, and South America have to offer.

Your turn! Where do your travel dreams take you?

13 thoughts on “Where Do Your Travel Dreams Take You?

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  2. That’s a tough question. This will sound wrong, but I don’t dream about going places, I go places. I mean, I have been to a lot of foreign countries because I wanted to go to them, so I went. Money isn’t the problem; it costs about as much to go on vacation in Italy as it does Florida – if you really wanna go to Italy. It’s kind of a fear or inconvenience or mindset people have. “I can’t because it’s far away.”

    When I was a kid, we packed the clan into a station wagon and drove to Florida ever year, sometimes South Dakota, Colorado – lots of places. When I was twelve I went to Mexico. Maybe it was because of stuff like that I don’t worry about traveling, I just travel. After doing it one time, you learn it’s not that hard. I have a friend in the UK who is ALWAYS in Cairo or some exotic place. My first thought is, how the heck does she afford that – and then I say, heck, how did I when I did it?

    We took our kid to Italy when she was four and on another trip (last year) we went to the UK, and she just turned nine. I hope I instill a love of travel in her.

    I moved to Florida for college because I wanted to live when people vacationed. My best friend in high school had never been outside of Ohio his whole life. (Our hometown was an hour from Kentucky and Indiana; WTF?) I guess it’s just a mindset. I loved Ohio, but I have so many friends there that don’t, or friends in other places who don’t like where they live, but it’s… convenient. Stable. Known.

    Three cheers for the inconvenient, the unstable, and the unknown. That’s where discovery lies.

    So I suppose my mind doesn’t wander that way. It plans. Expect a post from Paris soon. The wife and kid keep talking about it, so I’d say we need to make a plan…

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  3. I love this cards but I can’t seem to get them easily in the UK! 😥 Also, I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt too but everyone tells me not to now. I’m gutted and hope that things change within my lifetime so my relatives stop discouraging me from going.


  4. Definitely going to get to China one day, preferably when their government isn’t so annoyed with Canada. I want to see the Forbidden Palace and the Great Wall.
    Also, Japan. Not a fan of Sushi, but I love the Japanese esthetic and style.

    As for your wish trip, I like your idea of working backwards through time 🙂

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