Where Are You On The Writing Growth Curve?

From the archives: Yep, writing has a growth curve!
In related news, the boy is an inch taller than I am now! 😬

Allison Maruska

My son and my mom are officially the same height.


I’m taller than they are.


But I digress.

My son has always been above average on the growth curve. Now, having just turned twelve, he’s caught up to his grandmother. He’s tall. And she’s . . . less than tall.

I may or may not have put this on her Facebook timeline.


The boy is tall, and the mom is short. And yet, they’re the same height.

The observations are accurate because the boy is still growing. For his age, he is tall. And he’ll continue along the growth curve, leveling out somewhat, until he reaches his full height. His doctor thinks that will be around 6’1″.

How does this apply to writing? I’m so glad you asked!

Consider how the growth curve looks.


Notice a sharp increase starting in infancy, then a slight leveling out starting around age 2…

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