Cover Reveal and Guest Post by Anne Marie Andrus

Today, I’m happy to hand my blog space over to one of my favorite authors, Anne Marie Andrus (I wrote about her first book here). She has a new book coming out soon, and I had the good fortune of reading it early. Neener neener. It’s full of suspense and love and vampiry goodness. Don’t miss the pre-order link below!

Happy October 11th!


Happy 1st Book Birthday to Monsters & Angels!

To celebrate the occasion, I’m thrilled to share my brand-new cover for Raimond…the prequel to Monsters & Angels.

Raimond - Andrus Final


Yes—prequel. Why am I writing books out of order? Let me explain.

After the successful release of Monsters, exactly 1 year ago, I went straight to work writing the sequel. My readers demanded it.

OMG, it sounds surreal to say that, but they all wanted to know. . .

What happens next?

What happens to Sorcha?

What happens to Raimond?

And then I realized how much I didn’t know and the incredible story I was still driven to write.

This book is dedicated to

 my extraordinary readers,

who knew Raimond was the true star of this show

long before I did.

Vive la magie!


Sometimes, in order to move forward, we all need to take a step back.

Coming October 25, 2018

Pre-Order Raimond Now!

Cover design by Eight Little Pages —Thank you Claire!!

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