My Only Birthday Wish

My birthday is in a few days, and I only want one thing. Seeing as it conveniently overlaps with everyone’s reflecting on the past year, this should be easy.


Here goes.

If you read a book you loved this year, go to its Amazon and/or Goodreads page and write a review for it.

That’s it. Any book, any genre. Take five seconds to write a quick “I love it” or take a few minutes to write a more detailed review.

You’ll make the author’s day at least, and you may even provide a much-needed encouragement boost going into the new year.

And then, if you want to tell us which book you reviewed in the comments, we’ll have a nice list of recommended books to attack. 

That is all. Go forth and review, and Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “My Only Birthday Wish

  1. I’ve stopped writing detailed reviews. I’ve done a few honest ones and upset the authors. I try to be positive but also say if I think there is room for improvement. I don’t like upsetting people so now just leave brief one with just the positive points. The last book I left a review for was Black Lord of Eagles by Ben Blake.

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