Before The Flight – Part 1

From the archives: Did you know Drake and the Fliers has a short prequel?

Allison Maruska

A few weeks ago, I handed off a final copy of Drake and the Fliers to some proofreaders. One of them asked if there was a story before the book, describing what took place before we join Drake in the office tower. There isn’t, but her question gave me an idea.

Welcome to Part 1 of Before the Flight, a prequel/serial of Drake’s world before and during the virus. This also begins the bonus material section for Drake and the Fliers.

Before the Flight: Part 1


“Happy birthday, Drake!”

His mother approached from behind his seat at the dining room table and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek before she stomped into the kitchen. A clip held back her brown curls, and her loose robe flowed like a cape around her pajamas.

He wiped his cheek with the back of his hand and swallowed his bite of cereal. “Thanks.”

She put a…

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