Are You An Author/Blogger Or A Blogger/Author?

As I pondered an end-of-year type post, I realized our number of followers has doubled every year since the blog started. That means many posts “in the archive” haven’t been seen by most of you, and instead of expecting you to dig for old gems, I thought I would occasionally share my favorites. Enjoy!

Allison Maruska

In clicking over to read this post, you’re probably wondering what the difference between an A/B and a B/A is. I’ll start by saying it’s more than simple word order.

I had an epiphany a few weeks back whilst discussing blogging with another author. He was telling me how blogging felt like a chore, something he only did because it would promote the sale if his book. I, on the other hand, love to blog. It’s fun for me. My first experiences in writing for public consumption came by way of my humor blog, which I started a year before I even considered writing a novel.

My epiphany was this: my friend is an author/blogger, whereas I am a blogger/author. Realizing this took a lot of stress – stress I didn’t even know I had – off my shoulders.

I released my first novel just over four months ago…

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8 thoughts on “Are You An Author/Blogger Or A Blogger/Author?

  1. Hi Allison. Thanks for reposting this for us newbies. At the moment I’m simply a BB. Blogger-blogger. I’m planning to turn into a BA in the not too distant future but at the moment I’d much rather blog than start seriously working on one of the books in my head. So let’s just say that I’m using this blogging period as training for the big event. But even if I do one day become an author I know I’ll have a very, very hard time promoting my work on my blog. Not good at that. At all, at all…

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  2. My blog attempt helped gain interest in my science fiction novel. As a novel writer you are made to feel that you should write a blog. I get focused in on a novel, short story or poem, but do enjoy writing a blog when time is available. The same applies to radio shows where you get to talk about and read from your latest novel or short story. I admire novel writers who can multi-task in other mediums and still consistently produce a final manuscript for publication.

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  3. Interesting article. I definitely started my blog because people who knew told me I needed a platform as an author. But now it’s just become a part of me. It’s what I do. Writing is just what I blog about on Wednesdays. LOL. The rest of the week is the other facets of my world.

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