In A Crowd Of Encouragers, Who Would You Draw?

This morning, I taught the third grade class in the kids’ area of my church. The lesson was about Biblical figures who persevered through difficult circumstances and those who encouraged them along the way. To go along with that, we completed a seriously cool project with the main point being this: when times get tough, there are people who encourage us to persevere, and it’s important to recognize who they are and why they do it.

Step one was to create a crowd. We did that by tracing each other.


I borrowed my friend’s kid and served as the tracer for photography purposes.

The kids moved around the papers, tracing three friends on each to create an overlap effect. Then, we hung the papers around the room to create a crowd of faceless outlines. This is where the fun really begins.

The kids had to think of a person or two or three who encourages them when things get difficult and they want to quit. Maybe dance class is getting frustrating and your sister says just the right thing to help you push through to the recital. Or maybe you got a bad grade and your teacher encourages you by saying all the things you did well while explaining what still needs work. When they had a person in mind, they picked one of the outlines in the crowd and drew that person.


The crowd wrapped around the room.


In the end, we stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by the people who encourage us, and we shared who we drew and why.

Which brings us to the big question of this post: If you were to draw someone in the crowd, who would it be? 

I’ll go first! I did draw one person in this crowd as an example to the kids: my mom. She looks totally amazing too, since I had thirty seconds to include her. But if I had more time, I’d add some other people to the wall.

I’d add my friends, Allison and John, because they believe in my work enough to provide endorsements and help me promote it.

I’d add my critique partners, Jay, Al, DanaJenny, and a handful of others for helping me polish my work to the best it can be.

I’d add Dan not only for being a CP but for giving me the necessary nudge to go indie, talking me through quit days, and for always challenging me to make my best work even better.

And of course I’d add my husband, Joe, who sees both the great and tough days up close and always knows the right thing to say.

As it turns out, if I added all the friends who have served as betas or told their friends how much they love my work on social media or simply sent a message telling me how much they enjoyed the story, I could populate the wall just with the people who encourage me. But I don’t want to hog all the space, so I offer the question to you again:

Who would you draw among the crowd of encouragers?

It can be one person or three or ten. Feel free to add relevant links, as I did. Let’s turn the comment section into a virtual crowd.

9 thoughts on “In A Crowd Of Encouragers, Who Would You Draw?

  1. When I was young it seemed like everyone encouraged me, but as I’ve gotten older the encourager group has dwindled to about two, maybe three, people. I don’t say this to be negative or sad, but to remind myself that remembering those early encouragers, even if they’re long gone, is a way to keep my encourager group from shrinking more. Food for thought here.

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  2. Good Day to You Allison,

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    My Best to You

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  3. What a neat idea, Allison! Very creative and fun for the students. My mom would have been my first one, too. Aren’t we lucky to have encouraging moms? :O)

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