Female Characters: Can I Have More Than One?

I know it’s only June, but my family and I have been talking about Halloween. It’s kind of a big deal.

IMG_1361See, we participate in an event our church hosts every year called Trunk-or-Treat. I’m sure you’ve heard of similar events. The idea is to decorate your car trunk and presumably dress up to match the theme of the trunk. Last year, we did Star Wars, so we all dressed like Star Wars characters. My husband was Darth Vader, my older son was Obi Wan, and my youngest was Yoda. And I… was R2D2.

Have you seen Princess Leia costumes? They’re either big, white sheets with a cinnamon roll inspired wig, or the Jabba the Hutt version – you know, Leia the sexy slave girl. Two things: 1. This was a family event, and 2. Brrr.

So before deciding to be a droid, I thought about what other female character existed in Star Wars that might be an alternative.Go ahead. Try to think of one. (Insert Jeopardy theme song here). Unless you leave the original trilogy (ew), Leia’s all you’ve got.

This is not a Star Wars specific problem. Which brings me back to us talking about Halloween in June. The boys are already brainstorming next year’s theme.

Kid: We could do Despicable Me!


Think I could pull this off?

Me: So I would be… Lucy? Granted, the three girls are in that. I suppose I could pull off a respectable Margo.

Kid: How about Madagascar?

Me: So I get to be a hippo? That’s excellent.

Kid: ooh ooh! Monsters vs. Aliens! The Avengers! Toy Story! Megamind! 

Me: Susan, Black Widow, Jesse (or Bo Peep, I suppose), Roxanne

Are you seeing the pattern here? The only movie I can think of just sitting here without doing any research whatsoever that features more than one female lead character is Frozen. Even movies that feature a woman as the main character tend to only have one – take Hunger Games, for example, though I guess Effie was important, and it could be fun to dress as her.

I would love to have more costume options. So please, if you create entertaining content in popular culture, consider adding some more girls. Do it for Halloween.

8 thoughts on “Female Characters: Can I Have More Than One?

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  2. Perception is a funny thing. You live in a house with three guys. I live in a house with two girls. I know every Disney Princess, Doc McStuffins, Sofia The First, My little Pony… I can’t think of anything we watch that doesn’t have LOTS of girls. Except football. A guy’s gotta have some estrogen free viewing.


  3. I never realised how limited female characters are in kids movies. I guess I’ve always just unconsciously accepted it. If I could suggest maybe instead of a movie, go with a tv show? Marvel has Black Widow, but there’s also Ms Marvel and the Wasp (from the Avengers cartoon show). Batman: The Brave and the Bold has Black Canary, Huntress, Catwoman and Black Orchid to name a few. Then there’s always the x-men (jean grey, storm, shadow cat, rogue). Or you could just swing it the other way and insist the whole family dresses up as characters from Sailor Moon 🙂


  4. I’ve noticed this as well, which is precisely why I write mostly female characters as protagonists. I’m working on it– but no promises it’ll be before Halloween. 😉


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