Creation, Character, and Controversy: What Went Into The Note?

Today’s the day! The Note: A Historical Mystery is officially part of the literary world. When I started writing it over a year ago, I had no idea how timely its story would be or how its release would be scarier than any I’ve done.

Why would a book release be scary, you ask? For the full answer, I’ll direct you to Linda Sienkiewicz’s interview, which also came out today. Here’s a taste of it:

Readers have commented that you handled a sensitive topic, abortion, in an impartial way in your novella. How did you manage that?

It was tricky, for sure. It would be impossible to present the controversial subjects of women’s rights and abortion in a 100% unbiased manner, but my goal was not so much to persuade readers to think a certain way (though Ari does have her opinions). I wanted them to discover with Ari the depths of what women and their families faced in the pre-Roe vs. Wade days…and now that a similar reality has again taken hold in many states, what they may face today.

Catch the rest of my answer and interview over on Linda’s post. If the story looks interesting to you, I hope you’ll pick up a copy! It’s currently available in ebook and paperback editions, and I’ll be hiring an audiobook narrator soon. Thanks for reading!

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