Selling at an Event? Add These Three S’s to Catch More Eyes

Last month, my friend Heather Kindt and I sold books at Albuquerque Comic Con, our fifth event where we shared table space, learned and relayed each other’s pitches, and vied for the attention of new readers.

This being our fifth time selling together, in addition to each of us attending writing- and book-related conferences individually, we’ve honed what we both believe is key to a successful event: our display.

Event #3: FanExpo Denver, October, 2021

Looks pretty good, right? I’ve boiled down the most important elements to three, all starting with S for easy remembering purposes. You’ll see by the end which one was missing in that FanExpo pic.

First S: Signage

Anyone displaying wares knows signage is important. What’s less obvious is which size, type, and placement is ideal. Let’s take a trip into the past, to our first two events.

Click here to read the rest of my guest post for The Blood-Red Pencil.

Event #1: Oktoberfest, 2019

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