Why Do I Hate Christmas Music?

From the archives: A seasonally appropriate rant. 😉

Allison Maruska

About a week after Thanksgiving, I posted this on Facebook.


It led to a variety of comments.


There was one odd man out.


Yes, Dan, I called you odd. That’s what you get for liking that song.

This post has a different point than “Christmas music sucks” (though that’s a valid point). The point is what came from a conversation that went something like this:

img_0575Me: I hate Christmas music.

Friend: What??

Me: Yep. HATE it.

Friend: But why?

Me: …

Me: …

Me: I…don’t know.

So the point of this post is to figure out why I hate Christmas music. I have a few theories.

Theory 1: Christmas music legit sucks.

This feels most valid, but I have no empirical evidence whatsoever to support it. I do, however, have a string of comments that came after that snowman ornament pic that would counter it. I present them with snarky…

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