The literary world can be a little stuffy, so come on in

You writer types will want to know about this!

What Inspires Your Writing?

Our new literary magazine has officially arrived! Here’s what it’s all about:

Page through any literary magazine, wander the aisles of any bookstore. What do you see? A whole lot of books by authors who appear to have it all: huge readership, major name recognition, plenty of sales. In other words, they check all the boxes of what an author “should” be.

To get to that level, where does a person even start? It’s like applying for a job to build experience, only to be told you need years of experience to get the job. Similarly, you can easily get your book onto the shelves of a national bookstore chain as long as you have an entire sales team behind you, which is easy to get once you’ve proven yourself…by having a large audience. The message writers get is, sure, you can be famous?all you have to do is become…

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