Drake and the Fliers has a wonderful new review!

Book blogger and fellow author Colleen Chesebro has read and reviewed Drake’s story, and I’m blown away by her thorough feedback. Here’s a bit of it:

I love YA fiction and strong characters because I think these portrayals give hope to our teens in a chaotic world. Fictional heroes have a way of letting kids know they can do anything they set their mind to. Drake is one of those positive heroes.

I’m not normally drawn to post-apocalyptic novels but I was intrigued by Drake’s character from the first few pages. The reader learns that he’s a survivor and that he’s not the only one. Drake must figure out why he survived when others didn’t. That was all I needed to read. I had to find out more!

Click here to read the whole review, and follow Colleen’s blog for more reviews and lots of other reading/writing goodness.

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