The Seventh Seed

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The Seventh Seed

Reviewed by Jetana Mutter

*This book was provided for an honest review

When you hear ‘conspiracy theories’, people typically tend to think of the crazy people who like to wear tin foil hats that spew out all kinds of things. “Big brother is watching you”, “Aliens do exist” or “Big pharmaceutical companies have the law in their pocket”, things of that nature. What if, though, there was more to those so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ than meets the eye? What would you do if you found yourself inside of a massive public cover-up to keep the public from knowing who did what? I’m not a stranger to conspiracy theories, my husband loves them, and over time I have seen some wild ones; however, the story in The Seventh Seed by Allison Maruska provides the ultimate government and big pharmaceutical company working together cover-up.

The Seventh Seed is a standalone sequel to The…

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