Drake And The Fliers Is Featured On BookViral!


“Creating that all important sense of danger, wonder, and high adventure that genre fans crave she delivers a thoughtful narrative that engages and enthralls from the very start, achieving an equitable balance between her reimagined human world and fantasy that tugs at the heart strings.”

How cool is this??

Drake and the Fliers received an amazing review on BookViral! Click here to read the whole thing (that quote is just a small part of it).

But wait there’s more!

If you’ve read Drake, YOU can give the review even more promotional punch. Here’s how.

1.Click on the seal below (it matches the seal that takes you to the same place on the review page).quill-award

2. Fill out the info to recommend Drake for the award! If it gets enough recommendations, BookViral does more to promote it.

As always, I appreciate all of you for following and reading. I love sharing these successes with you. 🙂

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