Want a Whole Bunch of the Same Type of Gifts? Tell People You Like Something

Let me start by saying this: I love all the owl gifts I’ve received in the past year or so. Really. If you’re inclined to give me something that’s graced with the image of an awesome owl, do it, because owls always brighten my day.

My known affinity for owls began with a blog post about them way back in April of 2012. Releasing that information into the great interwebs also released the idea that I need to possess ALL the owl things. I’m sure many of you can relate to this phenomenon: mention yowl mugou like pigs, and you suddenly have 14 pig-inspired coffee creamers. Say you like frogs, and you’ll have a couple dozen ceramic ones around your pond to scare away the dragonflies (in that case, I am the frog-giver and my dad is the pond owner). 

I’m impressed with the great variety of owl things I’ve received: a crock pot, an apron, a few plushy toys, a mug, a cookie jar, a garden decoration, notepads and pens, organizers, salt and pepper shakers, and this little solar powered one (pictured below) that looks like it’s always saying “no”. I ask him if I should do things that I subconsciously think are stupid.

Me: Little Owl, no owlshould I try my hand at refrigerator repair?

Little Owl: (shakes head)

I’m starting to think Little Owl has a one-track mind.

owl cookie jar

 My sister gave me the orange owl cookie jar, and I have to admit that he’s pretty frickin amazing, aside from the fact that opening it reminds me of that scene in Indiana Jones where they eat the monkey brains. I’ll have to keep things in there that look the exact opposite of monkey brains.

Letting people know you like something not only leads to increased gift giving of that particular thing, it leads to puns and facebook posts that you’ll start to see over and over. If you’re like me and enjoy owls, you’ve probably been told that you’re a hoot. If you like pigs, I’m sure you squeal with delight. Frog lovers should just hop on over. This isn’t a bad thing. It shows that people know what you like and want to connect with you. In the case of gifts, it shows that they like you enough to buy you presents that they know you’ll enjoy.  Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

On the other side of this, if you’re told you’re difficult to shop for, let your friends and family know what you like. But make sure it’s something you really like, or the things you get will just irritate the holy crap out of you.

Me: Little Owl, Mom isn’t good about telling us what she likes. Do you think she wants that Elvis figurine?

He says no.

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