100 Awesome Things For The 100th Post

Well, somehow I managed to find enough material for 100 blog posts. This marks number 100. I know, I can’t believe it either.

Today’s post is loosely based on the 1000 Awesome Things website and books. There may be things on my list that are also on that one, but I don’t know because I didn’t read them all. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

To celebrate 100 posts, I bring you my own list of 100 things that make life better, sweeter, and generally more kickass, presented in no particular order.

100. That first sip of coffee in the morning.
99. Baby giraffes.
98. Happy hour.
97. Buttercream frosting.
96. Fireworks.
95. Seeing the results of working out.
94. Finding a piece of gum when your breath is super rank.
93. Eye contact.
92. Walking through freshly-cut, green grass.

91. Finding a bird’s nest.
90. Seeing a movie in the theater that was worth theater prices.
89. The laughter of a kindergartener.
88. Campfires.
87. Standing in front of an air conditioner after coming in from a freaking hot day.
86. Cuddling.
85. Owls. (duh)
84. Ikea
83. Finishing a really good book.
82. Thunderstorms.
81. Seeing friends you haven’t seen in ages.
80. Getting a new tech toy.
79. Seeing your kid be proud of his accomplishment.
78. That feeling when the plane lifts off.
77. Buffalo wings.
76. Sand castles.
75. Watching a baby bunny eat the grass in your yard.
74. Being able to fix something.
73. A really juicy cheeseburger.
72. Snow days.

71. Discovering a new song you love.
70. Roasting marshmallows.
69. Watching your cat catch a fly in mid-air.
68. Scented candles.
67. Finally getting the broken appliance hauled off.
66. Family bike rides.
65. Still having money in the bank when payday arrives.
64. Showering after a camping trip.
63. Letting a ladybug walk all over your hand.
62. A glass of wine after dinner.
61. Breaking a pinata.
60. Finishing a painting project.
59. Eating vegetables from your garden.
58. Buying fudge in a tourist shop.
57. New school supplies.
56. When your team comes from behind to win the game.
55. When the headache finally breaks.
54. Flowers for no reason.
53. When your kid finally stops watching that annoying show.
52. Watching snow fall.
51. That first hug from a loved one at the end of a long separation.
50. Finding a coupon someone left on an item you need to buy at the grocery store.
49. Nerd days (Pi day, May the 4th).
48. Thanksgiving dinner.
47. Looking up that lyric you can’t understand and laughing about it.
46. When your kid says they like the dinner you made.
45. Your favorite grungy, hanging out at home clothes.
44. Finishing a scrapbook.
43. Riding a bike downhill.
42. Brownies.
41. A clean house.
40. That moment when you realize your Christmas shopping is done.
39. A new purse.
38. Collecting seashells.
37. Spending a lazy Sunday watching movies.
36. Funnel cakes.
35. Tears of joy.
34. Driving through the middle of a wind farm.
33. The first warm day of spring.
32. Standing at the top of a mountain.
31. A great find at an antique store.
30. Irish cream.
29. Putting on a hoodie on a cool night.

28. Mother’s Day presents.
27. When someone says you did something well.
26. Hearing that song you loved in high school.
25. Falling into bed when you’re bone-crushingly tired.
24. Blowing bubbles.
23. How things look the first time you put on new glasses.
22. Letting your 6-year-old nephew teach you how to play a video game.
21. Onions on pizza.
20. Going on a drive to look at fall colors.
19. Finally getting home after being out in crowds all day.
18. Letting the ocean waves roll over your feet.
17. When your hair styles exactly the way you want it to.
16. Funny auto-corrects.
15. That first bite of your favorite ice cream.
14. Picking up a musical instrument you haven’t played in a long time.
13. Watching a really funny video.
12. Inside jokes.
11. The feeling of a new haircut.
10. When soldiers come home.
9. Paying off your car.
8. Anything with Brie cheese.
7. Fuzzy socks.
6. Turning the calendar to a new month.
5. Looking forward to a date night.
4. Surround sound.
3. Key lime pie.
2. Throwing rocks into a river.
and finally,
1. Meeting someone who ends up being a best friend.

Those of you who have been with me from the beginning, thanks for hanging with me. It’s been a fun ride. Here’s to another 100 posts.

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