10 Things I Love About My Mom

It’s Mother’s Day, meaning I’m naturally thinking about my mom. Some would call her anal (including myself), others would say she’s compassionate (including myself), among other characteristics. Following are some traits of hers that I think help to make her who she is. Some of these might seem strange, but really, if we weren’t all a little strange, life would be pretty stinkin’ boring.

My mom did!

1.) She loves her dog to such a degree that the dog thinks she’s a person.

2.) After doing even the most minor task involving raw chicken, she disinfects her kitchen so severely you could safely perform open-heart surgery in there.

3.) She used to have an “overflow closet” for her extra pairs of shoes.

This is her dog.

4.) It takes her about four hours to wake up and get ready for the day. This includes reading, several cups of hot tea, and spending time in her massage chair.

5.) She still has work we (her kids) did when we were in elementary school.

6.) She regularly steps out in faith. Doing so has resulted in her having a Christian children’s book published.

7.) She requires six Ritz crackers per ladle of tomato soup.

This is the cover of Mom’s book. Click here to visit her website or order a copy.

8.) Her interactions with technology have real entertainment value. Remember the story of her considering the purchase of a smart phone?

9.) She loves all kids, not just her own. Every Christmas and Easter, she makes over 100 stockings and Easter baskets for underprivileged children.

10.) She helps me decorate my house, which is good, because I suck at that.

So, hats off to you mom! You have your funny quirks, but don’t you dare change, because they’re what make you awesome. Happy Mother’s Day!

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