When Cabin Fever Strikes, The Puns Run Wild

How are you all faring in our social distancing efforts? Fortunately, cabin fever is the only type of fever affecting my family. We were going for walks if possible, but today’s weather looks like this.


Happy first day of spring.

So as I was scrolling through twitter and wondering what to do with my time, I came across this post.


I thought of a couple right away.


And then I thought to myself, “Self, he did ask how many we could make.”

Challenge accepted.



One of my favorites had a typo in it. Grrr.


And if you think I stayed out of other people’s puns, you’d be wrong.


That’s about where I tapped out.

Did you have any favorites? Or can you think of a few more?

Also, let us know how you’re doing with the quarantining!


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