Within the Pages of TFD: The Note

My husband gave me the coolest/nerdiest thing for my birthday.


That’s right, it’s a feather pen set complete with an inkwell.

Excuse me while I swoon once again.

When I posted this pic on Facebook and IG, a few friends asked if I would write with it. I was like…

Uh Huh Yes GIF by Geek & Sundry - Find & Share on GIPHY

I mean, how could I not??

But that meant deciding what to write with such a fine implement. I let it sit for a couple of weeks while I considered my options. It would be cool to create something that looks old, I thought.

And then it hit me.


This is the part where I warn you all that there are spoilers from The Fourth Descendant from here on, so if you plan to read it and don’t want to know what the characters find in the safe, stop reading this post now and come back later. Because what I made came from that story and it’s really cool, if I do say so myself.


Remember the century-old note they found in the safe with the jar of powder? This is what it said, in case you forgot and don’t feel like discerning that chicken scratch:

The consequences of the creation are too severe for our time, and humanity cannot ethically carry its burden. We hope that elapsed centuries will have changed the present mindset.

But that’s not all I made with my new feather pen. Remember the other thing that was with the jar and the note?


In the story, Robert had included a crudely drawn map leading to…the thing it led to (which I’m not dishing because I sense some of you haven’t read it yet and it’s a big spoiler). Anyway, this is roughly how I imagined it. The characters used it to embark on the rafting trip that would change their lives.

Now, what should I make next with my new pen? 


8 thoughts on “Within the Pages of TFD: The Note

  1. The thing with these pens, you can’t be in a hurry. With the dipping in ink and the scratching across paper, these pens take time, but … so pretty 🙂

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