A Moment of Self-Plagiarization

Can a writer plagiarize their own work? Because I kinda managed to do that.

It wasn’t a whole story or a premise or a character. It was a short setting description.

I knew the moment I wrote it in my current work-in-progress that I’d written it before. It was a favorite line. Seeing as I probably shouldn’t write the exact description verbatim, I thought to myself, “Self, we should figure out another way to describe this.”

And . . .

I couldn’t.

So, I decided, the hell with it. We’ll just use the same description.

copy image

I thought it was funny, so I told a writing partner about it.

Me: I plagiarized myself.

Writing partner: What? How??

Me: *describes it*

WP: Well, I think if you sue yourself, you’ll win.

Writing partner has a point.

So, as it stands, anyone who reads the first book where the description appears and later in the book I’m currently writing might find a self-plagiarized Easter egg. Because I’ve consulted with myself, and we’ve decided not to pursue legal action.

9 thoughts on “A Moment of Self-Plagiarization

  1. The only problem I see if if earlier you gets angry at later you at some future point, or if an even later-later you tries it, does later you or earlier you get upset? At some point earlier you is gonna feel very used, I’d think.

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