The Book That Almost Wasn’t

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writing Seed

Playing favorites… for a reason:

Just over a month ago, my most recent novel The Seventh Seed was released to as much fanfare as I could muster. I hosted a Facebook launch party (where Linda contributed as a guest author and was FABULOUS), wrote blog posts, created ads, set up giveaways, and watched great review after great review roll in.
And all the while, a little thought nagged the back of my mind. This book is lucky to be alive. 
I don’t think authors are supposed to have favorites with their books. Like they’re our children. But Seed was an early favorite. When I started writing it more than two years ago, I sensed there was something special about it. So much so that I sent the first scene to a critique partner, who in referring to a YA novel I was working on at the time, said, “F*** Drake, work on this. It’s a bestseller.”

So why did it almost not happen? 

The most obvious and perhaps believable explanation is I won the rights back to my trilogy and wanted to get them out. Which is true. I tried to work on Seed at the same time but it was too much at once. Seed was getting half-assed and I didn’t like it. But instead of saying “I’ll work on it later,” I said, “I’m not going to finish it.”
It sat in my computer, unfinished, patiently waiting for me for over a year. And to be honest, simply giving myself permission to not finish relieved a lot of stress.
The thing is, I really thought I wouldn’t go back.

But an interesting thing happened:

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