Review: Drake and the Fliers by Allison Maruska

I’m very thankful to Happy Meerkat for this wonderful review!



I was kindly sent a free copy of this book by the author Allison Maruska for a review.  Drake and the Fliersis a great YA urban fantasy, here is my review.

After a terrible virus kills all humanity except for teenagers, Drake finds himself all alone.  With his sister dead and the only other visible survivors vandalizing his home, Drake is reluctant to seek out others…That is until he shapeshifts into a dragon.

‘Drake and the Fliers’ is an amazing fast paced urban fantasy that I just couldn’t put down.  The story follows sixteen-year-old Drake who finds he’s able to shapeshift into a dragon as a result of surviving a virus that killed all adults and kids.  While in dragon form he bumps into another shapeshifting teenager like him and together they start a journey to seek out other survivors.

The pacing of this novel is fast and a lot…

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