Funny Friday: The One With The Snowmen

There currently isn’t snow where I live, but it seems there is in other parts of the country.

That can’t be fun as an adult. Driving in it sucks. It makes a mess when people drag it inside on their shoes. Shoveling it causes muscle strains and tendinitis.

But kids love it. Know why? Because they play in it, like an artistic medium. It’s like running around in a giant container of Play-Doh. They make stuff out of it and throw it at their friends. How could that not be awesome?

Maybe that’s the key for us grown-ups. Shovel less, sculpt more. So I thought I’d offer a handful of creative snowmen ideas for inspiration.

drinking snowman

Looks like Frosty has a problem he needs to admit.

upside down snowmal

Sometimes you just need to look at things in a new way.

dead snowman

Mommy, what does that sign say?

many snomen

This is what commitment to a task looks like.

phone snowman

He’s reading the weather report.

mailbox snowman

Imagine this one screaming and running around like this. It’s much funnier.

fell over snowman

Help! I fell over!

And just because they’re funny, I’m including a scary snowman video. Enjoy!

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