Letting Boys Be Boys

I’m writing this post on my phone and in the darkness of my room. See?


My boys think I’m asleep. There’s no school today or tomorrow (I want to kiss whoever decided teachers don’t have to deal with roomfulls of kids on Halloween. That is true mercy.) Anyway, I don’t have to be up yet, so I’m hiding.

I’m not avoiding them directly or my parenting responsibilities, per se.  I know if I go out there, I’ll have to squelch the brotherly fun I can hear just fine from my hiding place. The boy jokes. You know…fart jokes and random machinery noises and movie quotes related to farting and machinery noises. They’re having a grand old time.

If I go out there, I’ll have to be the wet blanket of their little party. Not because I feel like I have to; it’s because the behavior is obnoxious and I can only take about ten seconds of it. Back here in my room, I can hear them, but I’m not annoyed because it’s not in my face.

So I’m hiding in the interest of letting my boys be normal 9- and 6-year-old boys. I’m keeping myself out of the way of their fun. They need the freedom to just be obnoxious boys sometimes.

You won’t tell, will you?


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