Flash Fiction: The Doctor

This week’s flash fiction challenge over at Carrot Ranch is a bit different: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story using your choice of microhistory from Keweenaw National Historic Park. Be historical, funny, or flagrantly fictional. Choose a character, time, place, or event.

There are a LOT of stories on that site, so I scrolled down and picked one at random, landing on Peter LaChapelle. The story starts as an inspiring immigrant story…


…but quickly took a sinister turn.


Of course, this fakery reminded me of one of my favorite movies.

Catch Me If You Can Doctor GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Maybe LaChapelle was the original Frank Abagnale, Jr.

So it is in the spirit of this part of the story that I bring you my definitely fictional flash piece. Incidentally, if you’re interested in the rest of his story (which includes his daughter marrying a MUCH older “Copper King”), click here. 

The Doctor

LaChapelle article

“Isn’t it wonderful?” My wife leans against me on the sofa. “Starting over in a new town, surrounded by new people.”

“Indeed it is.” I brush a few of her stray hairs that tickle my cheek.

“When will you open your shop?”

I pull at my sleeve, pondering my boring, old life as a tailor. “I decided to do something different.”

“Oh?” She sits up, looking into my eyes. “Like what?”

I smile. “How would you like to be married to a doctor?”

“But you’ve no training.”

“Well, it’s like you said. We’re surrounded by new people.” I wink.

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