Flash Fiction: The Storm

Time for another 99-word flash fiction challenge, courtesy of Carrot Ranch. Here’s this week’s prompt:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write using the word gander as a verb.

Here goes!

The Storm


“I think it’s gone.” I climb the shelter’s concrete stairs and turn the lock. “Time to gander at what’s left.”


“Yeah, bug?”

“I’m scared.” Her small lip quivers.

I wave her over. “C’mere.”

She hugs my leg.

“The scary part is over.” I brush her hair from her eyes. “No matter what’s out there, we still have each other. Okay?”

She smiles.

We emerge onto our property.

The barn is a pile of sticks. The shed lies on its side. And the house…

“Would you look at that!” I pick Natalie up and point. “Our house looks perfect.”

15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Storm

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  3. You capture that moment of facing the truth. I love the positive twist in that the house yet stands. Nature is such a powerful force. Much happens over time, yet other moments are over in minutes. My parents had to flee a wildfire where I grew up. Yet when they returned to the scorched place, their house stood unscathed. Great dialog, too!

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    • Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. 🙂 There are lots of similar wildfire stories around where I live – we had the Waldo Canyon fire in 2012 followed by the Black Forest fire in 2013 (I live far enough away from both of those that I didn’t have to evacuate). Some of the stories are like your parents’, where their house was saved. Others weren’t so lucky. One silver lining to those experiences is it’s amazing to see how the community rallies together to help those in need.

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      • The sense of community unity in the face of such fires — places to relocate families and animals to, clean up and fundraising afterwards, and citizens serving together on volunteer fire crews or homeowner education — gives me hope.

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