Flash Fiction: Bounty of Hamsters

Bounty of Hamsters



An unholy racket comes from the cage, where Nicole’s hamsters, Josh and John, are staying until she comes home from vacation. I never thought I’d be a hamster sitter.

I peek into the cage, looking for my furry roommates. They have a big surprise for me. “Oh my God! You guys are naughty.” I set the cage on a newspaper with a headline about a bountiful harvest and snap a pic. Then, I text my friend.

Riddle time. What do you get when you have two hamsters that you think are both boys but they aren’t?

Fifteen baby hamsters!

I hope you enjoyed my take on this week’s flash fiction challenge over at Carrot Ranch: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about what it is to gather a harvest. You can use the phrase or show what it means without using the words.  

The funny thing about this story is it’s 100% true, down to the newspaper’s headline. If I can find that picture, I’ll add it to the post. So I guess it wasn’t really flash fiction. Let’s call it a flash memoir.

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Bounty of Hamsters

  1. Haha this actually happened to me when I was a kid! We thought we had two females, but nuh-uh. Cue the birth of 10 unexpected baby hamsters who we thought we were going to have pawn off to family members. Then the mother decided to eat the babies right in front of us. Somewhat traumatizing for an eight-year-old.


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