Bad Reviews, Seasonal Depression, and Pressing On

Today I’m over at Writing and Wellness  discussing . . . let’s say making the best of things. Though I did laugh at Colleen’s tweet about the post this morning.

Colleen's tweet

I know what you’re thinking: Ooh, bad reviews and seasonal depression?? Sign me the hell up for that.

Don’t worry. It won’t make you want to run into traffic. Probably. Here’s a piece of it.

It Helps to Laugh at Bad Reviews

Talking with friends helps, especially fellow writer friends who also have horses in this race.

It also helps to laugh at bad reviews. I’ve posted screen shots of a 1-star review boxed in by positive reviews or in a row of reviews featuring every rating, partly to allow readers into my world a bit (and to laugh with me at the ridiculous ones) and partly to remind myself that reviews are subjective as hell.

Click here to read the full interview. And thanks to Colleen for having me!

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