THE TENSION BUILDS… A Guest Blog Post by Allison Maruska

Check out my guest post on Dan’s blog!

Dan Alatorre

stock-vector-welcome-to-england-red-round-ribbon-stamp-285269771 still on vacation

Today my friend Allison takes the wheel and steers us into tension filled waters.

AM b&w head Bestselling Author and friend Allison Maruska

When Dan asked if I would write a guest post, I had two thoughts:

  1. Can I sneak a gif into it, and

  2. What would be an interesting topic?

In April, I participated in the Blogging A-Z challenge, which evolved into a writing strategy book called S is for Story. Seeing as there was one topic per letter, some topics that are useful to writers were left out. One of those is tension.

Tension is emotional strain a reader feels when reading the story.

It’s what happens when they worry about the character and have to stay up until three in the morning to find out.

And being the mean authors that we are, we can layer tension to make the story even more gripping. There…

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