Pinterest Ideas I Just Don’t Get

Pinterest is a great place to go for ideas. My favorite so far is how to clean stainless steel with olive oil. But some ideas I just don’t get.

Idea 1: Making things out of pallets.

The only time I’ve had pallets at my house is when they supported the kitchen cabinets I had ordered. I actually asked the delivery guy what to do with the pallets. He told me they’re like an envelope – they contain what you really want, but you don’t keep them. Good enough for me. Into the dumpster they went. Then I joined Pinterest and discovered that I had missed an opportunity to create things with the old pallets.Things like shoe racks (sorry, I laughed when I saw the pic at left), shelves, tables, picture frames, lounge chairs…the list goes on and on. My question is, has any pinner ever actually made anything out of a pallet?

Idea 2: Making things out of wine corks.

This is along the same lines as the pallets. I never pulled the cork out of my wine and thought to myself, “Self, I bet if I collect thousands of these, I could create wreathes and flooring and decorative letters for my wall.” Not only is that more effort than I would ever want to exert, but wouldn’t that make me look like an alcoholic hoarder?

Idea 3: Pinning workout motivation

Just pointing out the irony here. If you’re pinning, you’re not working out.

Meet the tampon angel. 

I will continue to use Pinterest for good ideas and some good laughs. I’ll also be keeping my eyes open for more Martha Stewart-y efforts to create new things out of strange old things. What’s next? Rubber bands? Cigarette butts? Tampons? Oh wait…tampons has been done…

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