Memorial Day Weekend Sale!

Looking to stock up on books for the summer? Now’s your chance!

From now through Sunday, May 29th, you can get the ebook editions of all three of my novels for less than two bucks. Here’s how it breaks down:

business card back

The best-selling historical mystery The Fourth Descendant is $0.99 (click here to order).

The exciting YA urban fantasy Drake and the Fliers is $0.99 (click here to order).


Part one of the new YA sci-fi trilogy Project Renovatio is FREE (click here to order).

The $0.99 deals are only in the U.S. and U.K. Sorry, everyone else. Blame Amazon. Project Renovatio is free everywhere.

Instead of listing the blurbs here (you can see those on the order links or on this page), I decided to share the first 200 words (give or take a few, so we end with a complete sentence) of each book. Enjoy! I hope many of you take advantage of these deals.

The Fourth Descendant

thefourthdescendant medThe call came from an unfamiliar number. Michelle almost ignored it, but the prospect of talking to another adult was too promising to pass up. Her children kept their eyes glued to her as they walked home from the playground. Apparently, the event was rare enough to warrant their full attention.

“Is this Michelle Jenson?” the caller asked.

“Yes. Who’s this?” Great. A sales call.

“My name is Alex Pratt, and I’m calling as a representative for the Richmond Historical Society.”

The caller now had Michelle’s full attention as well. “Richmond? In Virginia?”

“Yes ma’am. We believe your family is connected to something we found in our courthouse. Can you tell me if your great-great-grandfather was named Gao Zhang?”

“I don’t know the first name, but Zhang is my mother’s maiden name.”

The sound of rustling papers came through the phone. “I’m sure we have the right family. This might sound strange, but try to bear with me. Last month, the city began restoration projects on some of our historic buildings, including our courthouse. The workers found a wooden box hidden under the floorboards, and we thought it was a time capsule, but it contained only a letter signed by four men.

Drake and the Fliers

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00062]Drake glanced over his shoulder and entered the office tower through the broken window. Dirt and glass crunched under his shoes, and he stole another look behind him when he reached the stairwell.

No one followed.

He adjusted his backpack, exhaled, and clicked on his flashlight as he took the first step to the twenty-eighth floor.

It was as good a place to live as any. Though after the power quit, and leaving the building required hiking down and back up three hundred ninety-two steps, he’d considered finding a home closer to the ground. He stayed on the upper floor because no one knew he lived there.

Plus, it was the last place he and Kelsey had been together.

He hustled up the switchback staircase, pausing on the west landings, each one brightened by the sun shining through a small window. Pointing his flashlight up the stairs towards each east landing, he prayed the beam would fall on an empty space. The possibility of finding someone hiding there made his heart race at every turn.

When Drake neared the tenth floor, a bang echoed from the base of the stairwell.

He froze, then clicked off the flashlight, leaned over the rail, and strained to see anything in the dark half of the stairs.

Project Renovatio

renovatio-ebook-v4Levin looked away from his computer screen and back to the torn-open envelope on his desk. At first, he’d kept it in a drawer, but he opened the drawer repeatedly to ensure the envelope was still there. He moved it to his desk top for more convenient visual confirmation of its presence.

How could a few papers completely disrupt his focus?

After three more glances, he quit trying to get any additional work done. He removed the papers from the envelope, put them in his wallet, and threw the envelope in the trash. As he shut down his computer, his cell phone pinged.

Rana’s name lit the screen, as if she knew he needed to talk to her. The papers in his wallet could change both of their lives.


Rana and her mother wandered through the bright gymnasium among a few hundred other people. Dozens of foldable cardboard displays rested on cafeteria tables arranged in neat rows throughout the space.

They found her sister stationed under a basketball hoop. Standing adjacent to her poster board, Dayla proudly explained her study on length of memory. She’d compared the number of digits different groups of people memorized, an advanced study for a fourth grader.

Need the links again now that you’re down here?

The Fourth Descendant is here.

Drake and the Fliers is here.

Project Renovatio is here.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say I would greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate any reviews you feel compelled to write at the conclusion of your reading experience(s). More reviews = more visibility on Amazon = more sales = I can buy food. Yay, food!

Seriously though, readers like you make it possible for me to do this, so I thank you most sincerely.


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