This Has Been A Scary Year, So Why Not Add More Horror?

More horror in the form of anthologies, that is.

It’s no secret that pandemic times have been rough for everyone. For me, a year of remote teaching along with editing and tutoring side gigs, which require almost constant computer use and related technological adventures, has made me want to do this at the end of each day:

That’s not super conducive to creative writing endeavors, so my current book project has been on hold for a while.

But I haven’t stayed entirely in the literary wasteland. Near the end of 2020, Dan asked if I wanted to put a story into the then-most-recent Box Under the Bed anthology, Wings and Fire. I had an idea and I figured it would be a good way to dip my toe into creative waters without the long-term commitment a book requires. It turns out it was a good plan, because it led to having a story in the following and final book of the series, Shadowland, which just released last Thursday.

Both books are brilliant collections of talent, and I’m humbled to be among the included authors. I hope you take a minute to click those links and check them out. You’ll likely find a new favorite author or two (or more!).

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