What Was Good About 2020?

This happened on Twitter last night, which was New Year’s Eve:

My Gen-X heart may or may not have skipped a beat.

The year 2020, which I can now happily say was last year, will be famously remembered for being largely horrible for general reasons I don’t need to expand on here. Personally, it presented a furlough, my first experience with unemployment, judgement from morons because I was on unemployment, and a brief return to teaching only to be sent back to all-remote instruction in October. My own children haven’t seen the inside of their schools since the initial lockdowns last March. A handful of in-person, book-related events where I was scheduled to sell were canceled, and one big one (Denver Pop-culture Con) was canceled forever.

If I had to capture the overall mood, I think this would do it:

Now obviously, it’s wasn’t all bad, but I struggled to write this post nonetheless. Many friends have lost loved ones to COVID. Others lost businesses. A few lost both. Others are battling long-term symptoms from the virus. With all this in mind, I decided to trudge forward with a positive tone, because those same friends often manage to find silver linings and share them while respecting these losses and challenges.

I figure I can handle doing the same.

So before I tell you what’s on deck for 2021, I want to pick out some bright spots from last year’s dumpster fire.

I went to one ComicCon

The ComicCon in Albuquerque happened in January, before everything went into the crapper. And it was arguably the most fun event I’ve attended in recent years.

Fellow author and friend Heather Kindt and I had a blast talking about our books to new readers, dressing up, eating junk food, and looking forward to future events like this one (read this post for all of the lessons learned). They’ll still happen; we just have to wait longer than we planned.

I published another book

Dreams of Justice was released on February 4th, which was also The Fourth Descendant‘s fifth book birthday. It’s done fairly well so far, and I have plans to launch a series of books featuring Sonia in her new CSI role, where she helps strangers who have their own dreams of cold-case murders. They’ll be called Sonia James Paranormal Mysteries. The first of these is about 1/4 complete.

I crocheted a lot

It helps to have a productive hobby, especially during very stressful months. And these months, judging solely by my output, were quite stressful.

Lockdown project 1: The pattern is one color but I wanted to use what I had on-hand.
This is the first six months of my temperature scarf. Each row is a day. I’ll add the completed thing when I catch up and finish it.
The cat had to help with the temp scarf, of course.
This was the biggie project: An afghan I started in June, I think, and finished on Christmas Eve. It was my mom’s Christmas present.

There’s another half-finished afghan waiting for me, but I’ve thrown enough yarn at you for now.

My husband built a huge patio

This was his quarantine project. He started in April and finished it in November.

How it started
How it’s going

We’re looking forward to sitting around a firepit on the patio.

My kid learned to Photoshop

This was a good source of random entertainment.

More than a few have mentioned he could make the jump into cover design. I can’t help but wonder this myself.

So what’s next?

Unfortunately, until the COVID vaccine is distributed to enough people, everyone is in a bit of a holding pattern. The good news is as an educator, I’m in the second group to get the first vaccine in my state, which should be sometime this month. I’ll look forward to when we can return to in-person teaching, continue my editing and tutoring side-gigs, work on the next book, and keep writing short stories. And until my oldest gets his license next summer, I’ll keep playing Mom Cab.

Now it’s your turn

What were some bright spots in your 2020, and what does 2021 have in store? Share in the comments!

9 thoughts on “What Was Good About 2020?

  1. 27 years ago I had dreams of becoming a nurse, in January 2020 I finally started school to fulfill that dream… not knowing how extremely pivotal they would end up becoming in the same year! I had wished that I was on the front lines working along side them but I know that it will just make me work that much harder to become the nurse I want to be. My granddaughter turned a year old the week that everything started shutting down & little did I know that would be the last larger gathering in at least almost a year…I work in a medical clinic so I was blessed enough to keep my job & never worked from home, but because of that, I ended up getting COVID in November and battled through it for 2 sold weeks. It has been a struggle for everyone this year and I feel like I’ve done more praying this year than ever before!
    2021 brings new light & I will be in my second year of school and one step closer to becoming a nurse. Praying for some much needed normalcy for all of us sooner than later!

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  2. Well done. You will go from strength to strength in 2021. I struggled all year with a contemporary novel. A historical novel started in 2018 was finally published. Right now I am embarking on the research for another historical novel. And my grand daughter finally got her degree and a good job.

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  3. Here’s a big “yay” for you getting back to writing. You said, “The first of these is about 1/4 complete,” but it should be “The *second* of these is about 1/4 complete,” because you should make DOJ the first. Right? Looking forward to helping.

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