Flash Fiction: The Right Kind of Attention

Last month, I entered a flash fiction contest hosted by NYC Midnight. Many thousands of writers were sorted into subgroups and challenged to produce a 100-word story featuring an assigned genre, activity, and word in 24 hours. Last night, the results for the first round were released, and because my story placed in the top twenty in its group, I advance to the next round!

I hope you enjoy the piece. I’m looking forward to further flexing my writing muscles in Round 2. After the story, I’ll share what my assignment was.

The Right Kind of Attention


I pluck a blue chip and toss it on the pile. “Twenty.”

She squints at her cards, adds her bet, and we show our hands. Smirking, I drag my winnings to me.

With a half-smile, she sips her vodka soda. “Quite a hustle you have.”

“So I’ve heard.” I sort my haul by color.

“You sure you want that kind of attention?” Her green eyes reflect the bar’s subtle lighting, captivating me, just like they did that first night—the night that sparked this ritual.

“It was the right kind of attention then.” Leaning over, I kiss her. “Happy anniversary, darling.”

My assigned genre was romance, activity was placing a bet, and word was attention.

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