Flash Fiction: Fishing

This week’s piece comes courtesy of the prompt over at Carrot Ranch: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story deep waters.

I may or may not have asked a book character to appear in this one. I’ll say which one after the story, in case you haven’t guessed by then.



My destination lies ahead; its glassy surface reflects the morning sky. I beat my massive wings, and in a minute, I’m there. Tucking them against my sides, I dive. Water envelopes my scales. I can’t feel it through my tough hide.

Beneath me, several trout dart away. My keen eyesight zeroes in, and I push into the deep waters. I capture two fish and lurch around, facing the surface. With a waving motion, I propel upward, launching from the lake. When I extend my wings, spray reaches the opposing shores.

This is so much better than a fishing rod.

If you’ve read Drake and the Fliers, you probably recognized Drake’s newfound talent for catching fish in his dragon form. There weren’t a lot of things he loved about being a dragon, but this was one of them. I think he just enjoyed showing off with his launch from the water, especially when Talon was watching.


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