Get a Sneak Peek of My Upcoming Paranormal Mystery…

…and you can even offer feedback on it.

I’m trying a new site as I develop this book, mainly because there’s a 10,000-word challenge and I wanted to participate in it. But that’s not the primary purpose of the site.

ChapterBuzz is a place where writers post chapters of their works-in-progress. Readers and other writers can read the posted chapters, make comments, and “fan” (follow) their favorite authors. I posted the first three chapters of my paranormal mystery WIP, and I get “fame points” whenever someone “buzzes” a chapter, which they have to do if they want to read more than a small fraction of a chapter.ย The idea is to generate buzz for a book before it’s published, so it already has fans when it does hit the market. Writers can also win awards if their books get lots of buzz.

I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet. On one hand, it’s a great opportunity for writers to practice putting their work “out there” to get encouragement. On the other, from what I can tell in my brief experience, it’s definitely not a critique group, so feedback will probably not be as constructive. It could be worth it to do both, or to do this site and hire an editor. It is nice to see notes of encouragement in the comments and occasional suggestions for improvement.

If you’re a writer following this blog and decide to sign up, let me know so we can “fan” each other.

chapterbuzz shot

This is the basic info of my WIP on ChapterBuzz, complete with stock photo.

Side note: Some writers have actual covers for the books. I haven’t figured out why/how they do that. I don’t have a good title yet so I’m not getting a cover, but that’s just me.

Anyway, click here to go to the first chapter. I’m not sure if you have to create an account to read and comment. If you do, it’s free.

Let me know if you head over there! I’d love to know what you think of it.

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