Like Scary Stories? Dark Visions Needs ARC Readers!

On October 15th, our (I’ll tell you who we are in a minute) newest horror anthology, Dark Visions, will go live on Amazon. That means we’re looking for ARC (advanced review copy) readers to read it early and have a review ready to post on Amazon come release day (or shortly after).

Dark Visions cover

Awesome stories aside, isn’t this cover amazing??

We are the 27 authors who have stories in this collection. Two of the stories are mine, and one of those is not published anywhere else. 

Not sure what an ARC reader does? It’s pretty simple.

  1. Read the book early.
  2. Write a review.
  3. Post the review on release day.

That’s it.


There’s an extra step between 2 and 3 that isn’t required but will help out all 27 of us, because it will help the book have an great launch. Step 2.5 is buy the ebook on release day. 

More sales = better launch = lots of happy authors = maybe we’ll stop eating our body weight in chocolate pudding.

Wanna be an ARC reader? Send me a message via the Contact Me page and I’ll send you the link you need to download your book. If I don’t respond within a day, please comment on this post. WordPress sometimes doesn’t let me get all my emails.

Hope to see your names in my inbox!

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