Be a Beta Reader for The Seventh Seed!

If you like to read books before they’re released and for free, I have great news for you.


The Seventh Seed is through editing, and while I have a few minor “cleanup” items on my list, it’s ready for beta readers to tackle.

Here’s what you would do as a beta reader:

  1. Finish reading the book within the next three weeks (it’s an average-length novel).
  2. Give me feedback about what works/doesn’t work/what you loved/what was annoying.
  3. Answer questions I give you after reading (only a few and you won’t be graded. LOL).
  4. Write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads after release (this is hugely beneficial to the book’s launch).

The Seventh Seed is a suspense/spec-fic novel set in 2040. It’s the standalone sequel to The Fourth Descendant, taking place 25 years after that story. I would like some betas to have read Descendant, but it’s not a requirement and you will still understand Seed by itself (feedback from both groups of readers is helpful).

Following is the blurb. Click here to read the first chapter.

While researching beehive demise across the country, Javier stumbles onto a breakthrough – a virus carried by bugs that insecticides canโ€™t eradicate. The discovery explains a string of human illnesses and deaths, and it means a vaccine is possible. But instead of his bosses celebrating his achievement, they try to kill him.

After evading capture, Javier meets Liz, a widow who works at a homeless shelter. Together, they become fugitives, and in searching for a vaccine, they discover an intricate chain of secrets that leads to the most powerful entities in the country.

To break the chain and free the people, Javier and Liz must fight an impossible battle. While winning means relief from decades of manipulation and oppression, losing would result in more deaths than the virus ever threatened.ย 

There are a limited number of beta reader spots, so if you want to have direct input into this project, don’t wait! If you want to volunteer, send me a message via the Contact Me page and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

*side note – occasionally, messages don’t make it to me. If you send one and I don’t get back to you by tomorrow, leave a comment for me on this post.

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