Fundraiser for Houston Disaster Relief

By now you’ve seen the shocking images coming out of Houston as Hurricane Harvey batters the area. The size of the storm combined with the fourth most-populated city in the country has created an unprecedented disaster, and as of this writing, there is still at least a foot of rain to come.

This disaster is more personal than others. My husband is originally from Houston, and his family still lives in the western Suburb of Katy. Our niece posted this pic this morning, taken from the front of her house.

houston flood

According to The Weather Channel, as many as 450,000 residents will need disaster assistance. That’s just shy of the entire population of the city where I live. When I imagine every person in my city being affected by something like this, it blows my mind.

The scope of the disaster is such that many may think what little they can do won’t make a difference. However, I’m reminded of the wise words of Teddy Roosevelt.

Roosevelt quote

What I have are my books and my platform. So I’m going to use them to help.

From the moment I hit “publish” on this post until Wednesday night (11:59 MDT), 100% of my royalties from ebook sales will go to Houston disaster relief (via the Red Cross). Each ebook is $2.99 (except for S is for Story, which is $1.99), and I get a 70% royalty on ebook sales. Click on the covers below to go to the Amazon page for that book.

Of course, if you’d like to help the people of Houston without buying a book, you can donate directly to the Red Cross or another relief organization. 

The bottom line is I want to give more than my pocketbook says I can, and this is how I can do that. Regardless of what you decide, thank you for following and reading. I appreciate every single one of you.

Click on the covers to order from Amazon, and also please share this post to get the word out. Thanks in advance!

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