Flash Fiction: Peace

Time for another flash fiction challenge courtesy of Charli over at Carrot Ranch. This week’s prompt let my mind travel to a wonderful place:  In 99 words (no more, no less) write about an escape artist. It can even be you, the writer, escaping into a different realm or space in imagination. It can be any genre, including BOTS (based on a true story) or fantasy. 

Mine is based on a true story – an ongoing one, if you will. When I was growing up, it’s something I would do whenever we went to the mountains. As an adult, I still sneak this escape whenever possible, and when I was teaching and had an especially noisy recess duty, I would longingly gaze at the mountains. It’s such a personal favorite that Levin sought a similar one in Project Liberatio.




I rest on the boulder, my back absorbing the sun’s warmth it has stored. The only sound is a gentle wind moving through the trees, guarding my solitude. This place and I are the only ones who know where I am.

Busy thoughts threaten to invade. I push them back. My schedule can wait. My phone needs no attention. No one can reach me here.

A cloud moves, and midday sunlight covers me. I close my eyes but still see red, so I drape my arm over them. A squirrel chitters. I take a long breath.

This is peace.


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