Flash Fiction: Into The Storm

Welcome to another flash fiction challenge mashup! Are these because I’m too lazy to write two stories, or is mashing the prompts more challenging? Hmmm.

In any case, this week’s prompt over at Carrot Ranch is this: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a migration story.

Chuck Wendig’s challenge was to pick a photo from Flickr’s “interestingness” category. The one I chose appears under the title. It’s by Sonia and you can find the original here.

To the story!

Into the Storm


I claim my place in the boarding line. Twenty hours from now, I’ll be there.

Mom tried to convince me of the inherent danger. Grandpa argued the region’s war killed my uncle. To them, I am heading into a storm.

To the people I’ll be helping, I am rebuilding after one.

The attendant scans my pass, and I head for the plane.

In a way, Mom is right. Over There is less safe than Right Here. But my heart won’t let my able hands stay.

So, as I watch the Earth shrink beneath me, I head into the storm.

12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Into The Storm

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  2. I think mashing it up adds complexity to the the challenge, but I also think it’s practical. You get to participate in two for the space of one! And I’m delighted that you take up the word play at Carrot Ranch. 🙂 I like what you did to express the different family perspectives and danger, but give the character a nudge into a hero’s journey.

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