Flash Fiction: Dancing On Rocks

Do you ever wake in the middle of the night and your brain decides that’s the best time to be creative?

I’ve been awake since 2 A.M. (thanks, cat), and I finally got up at 4:00 after chewing on an idea for this week’s 99-word flash piece in response to the following prompt, courtesy of Carrot RanchIn 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a rock in the road. It can be physical, adding to a plot twist, or it can be metaphorical for a barrier or hardship.

Before I get to the story, I want to add that Charli (the founder of Carrot Ranch) has set up a wish list on Amazon to help a family getting back on their feet after a bout of homelessness (click here to see the list). To read the full story of this family, click on the Carrot Ranch link. It may give you a new perspective on homelessness. I plan to go shopping from the list as soon as I finish publishing this post.

And now, to the story!

Dancing on Rocks


“There.” I tighten the band securing my daughter’s hair. “You excited for your first day?”

“Yeah!” She hops down from the stool. “Mrs. B. said a new school means new friends.”

“Well,” I kiss her nose, “I’m happy you’re happy. Now hurry, or you’ll miss the bus.”

Smiling, she hoists on her backpack and skips out the door.

I watch her head to the corner. She’s twirling.

I laugh. I’d worried how she’d adjust to a new school after hers closed.

I’d worried needlessly. Some people let rocks in the road stop them.

My baby girl dances on hers.

7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Dancing On Rocks

  1. What a beautiful story of resiliency! That’s truly what it is — dancing on rocks. I like the easy flow of the language, too how the mother is reciting the story. It has an element that draws in the reader. Thank you for listing the J-Family’s wish list and for your generosity in shopping for them. Already, Our Boy received a book and his mom sent a quick video of him dancing with it! Children are wonderfully resilient, thankfully.

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  2. This is brilliant, Allison. I love the image of the girl dancing on rocks. What a positive message, and much needed at the moment. As much as I enjoyed your story, I’m disappointed I read it before I wrote mine. I know I can’t match it – too many rocks in the road. Or is that in my head?

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